Quintas partners with Pamela Laird of MOXI LOVES forĀ EIIS

Posted on: 09 Feb 2022


Quintas partners with Pamela Laird of MOXI LOVES for EIIS

Quintas is delighted to be partnering with Pamela Laird of Moxi Loves in offering an EII investment opportunity. This is your chance to become part of the exciting Moxi Loves story. This EII fund raise will support the company’s further expansion through new product lines and geographies.

EII investments offer a 40% tax refund in the year after investment. The investment will carry a 5% annual coupon for a period of 4 years. For example, a €25k investment now, would result in a €10k tax refund in year 1. At the end of the 4 year period, the investor will receive a total return of €40k (i.e. €25k capital + €5k coupon + €10k tax relief).

Pamela appeared front and centre on the 15th season of the award winning ‘The Apprentice’ on BBC one, with an average of 7 million viewers tuned in to see Pamela battle it out alongside 15 other entrepreneurs to win a lucrative investment opportunity from Alan Sugar.  Pamela came third on the show before being fired by Lord Sugar. 

MOXI LOVES is the trailblazing, female-founded brand that’s been championing waterless beauty since its inception back in 2017. It’s a true innovator in the beauty space, and is a brand that should be on your radar if it isn’t already.

Pamela Laird, Moxi Loves “We are absolutely delighted to raise the capital needed to take Moxi Loves to the next level.  We have recently launched into Australia and intend to expand into new markets both online and in retail stores. 2022 is an exciting year for Moxi Loves!  Partnering with Quintas was the obvious choice with their experience supporting start ups and SME’s and fantastic network in Ireland”

Dave O’Brien, Tax Partner Quintas We at Quintas are continuing to support young Irish companies and we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to partner with Pamela and Moxi Loves. The Moxi Loves brand is exactly the type of company Quintas want to be associated with.

Of course this is also a great chance for investors to avail one of the few remaining personal tax reliefs via EIIS while being part of this Irish success story


To find out more about how you can get involved contact Kevin Canning or Dave O’Brien for full details

Dave O'Brien - dave.obrien@quintas.ie

Kevin Canning - kevin.canning@quintas.ie

Please note that minimum investment is €10k