Future-proofing your business

By: Paul O'Connell | Posted on: 13 Oct 2022

If the global pandemic has taught us anything it would be to expect the unexpected. After the pandemic, the way in which we work has changed drastically. Many businesses have altered the ways in which they provide their services, and similarly, many employees now work from home or have adopted a hybrid approach to the way they work. With this major shift businesses now know that it is more important than ever to future-proof their businesses.  

When no preparations have been made it can be hard for business owners to prepare and continue to evolve their businesses. By prioritising the future of your business, you will be able to foresee any potential disruptions and use these to your advantage. Here are some steps that you can take: 

Be Agile  

Agility is vital in ensuring a business’s survival. For companies, the ability to identify, adapt and to implement changes quickly and effectively can make all the difference when it comes to making strategic business decisions. A study conducted by Statista discovered that of the businesses they engaged with over 52 per cent of respondents said that agility within their organisations is increasing. While this is a promising statistic, for those left behind the inability to keep up with the crowd could be detrimental to business operations.  

By adopting an agile approach your business will be able to adapt promptly to changes both internally and externally. You can start your journey to becoming agile by creating a strategy that will allow you to overcome uncertainty and adapt accordingly. Additionally, you can expect to see an increase in performance and employee engagement due to improved transparency and communication throughout a business.  

Focus on your people 

As a business, people are central to your success. Employing the right people will ensure that your business can deliver the best service to your customers. While the relationship between a business and your customers is important, it is also essential to ensure that you are communicating with your employees both regularly and effectively. During a crisis, you don't want to face the possibility of losing great talent or diminishing the culture that you have built over the years. 

By building a team of people who are engaged with business operations, your business will thrive. When it comes to making strategic business decisions it is important that you communicate plans with them clearly, so they are aware of your future and direction.  

Be Prepared  

Sometimes crises are inevitable and sometimes you may feel it is time to change the hands of your business ownership. When it comes to your business, ensuring that you have a plan in place can make the next steps as seamless as possible. By having a strategy that can be implemented at such a time there will be minimal disruption to your employees and customers as you transition into your next phase. Here at Quintas we have advised businesses for over 30 years, be that through restructuring a business or preparing it for sale.  

When it comes to your business there’s no better time to think about its future. Want to start preparing today? Get in touch with our team to find out more: info@quintas.ie